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Train Man

This is a true story of love for the internet generation. Derived from a series of postings over a three-month period to a particularly computer-geeky thread on the world's largest anonymous Message Board. The events all took place in Tokyo, Japan. One day a shy otaku computer geek mentioned on the message forum how he had met a girl on a subway train. As things developed he continued to post updates to the message board. He gained the nickname 'Train Man'. With each update from bashful Train Man, his fellow correspondents throw in own colourful speculations, boyish encouragements, tongue-in-cheek warnings, and fabulously inventive ASCII/Shift_JIS text drawings. Train Man tries to take on board their comments as events unfold. Eventually he finds love with the girl, Hermes, and reveals to her the entire history of the thread. The true identity of Train Man remains a closely guarded secret.

Mission 1 Emergency Request [Help me with dinner]

Mission 2 I’ll Just Hold on Tightly to You

Mission 3 She Pulled My Hand Lightly

Mission 4 The Time for the Cups have Arrived

Mission 5 Stop Leading Me on So Much

Mission 6 The Miraculous Final Chapter

Post-fin  ‘You Were Trying So Hard ....’

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